Philadelphia, the city I love. And so much love. 

Ella and took a trip to PA to visit family and attend several events at the brand new and BEAUTIFUL Philadelphia temple. What an amazing and. Eautifuk time we had! We missed Frederick, Harriet,  Collin and Dot with our whole hearts!! They had a great fun and good experiences together.

We are cheesesteak and amazing Philly pizza and disgusting Chinese food. I witnessed my dear cousin, Carolee, enter the temple for the first time and make sacred commitments to God. I saw my cousin, Tori, marry her best friend and one of the sweetest most sincere men in the temple. There was an insanely fun dance party. There was a pokewalk and a trip to the beach. I got to swim in the ocean! The Beach at ocean city is very very peaceful.

You have to know, traveling with Ella was a dream. She was well mannered everywhere we went (including the airplanes) and let everyone hold and cuddle her. We slept together at my aunt’s home. Everyone adored her.

We also had the best time with my mom. She spent every moment she could holding Ella and we talked a lot. It was hard for me to say goodbye at the end. 

These three held it together and Collin did an amazing job at solo parenting. Almost TOO good! 


Author: Smiths In Real Life

Family of 5 plus our kitty, Dot. Outside explorers, lovers of music and art and silliness. Believers in God and Jesus Christ. We are the Smiths, the mighty mighty Smiths.

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