In Phoenix Grad Week

We were in Phoenix for a week for Joseph’s seminary and high school graduation. We flew down Tuesday night and flew back up to Utah Sunday night. We spent the week playing with friends, hanging with family, having ellas first birthday party, and swimming. 
AJ moved out! He lives in Mesa now. He still came over a ton but wasn’t there late at night. That took some getting used to. He did stay over late one night and he and Collin and I watched a beautiful film called “Your Name.”

Joseph is dating Sydney, and we love her. She is a great person: fun, crazy, nice, awesome with my kids, considerate of others. 

I loved having Morgan over and meeting her new daughter, Quinn. Emily and Charlie also came and swam with us. We got Rita’s Italian ice with Kim Woodbury. Collin and I got to go on a date to eat delicious appetizers at Postinos and then to see Power Rangers….which was SO FUN. We saw tons of people at Ella’s bday too. I loved every minute of it but my emotions started piling up higher and higher. It’s hard not seeing all these wonderful people all the time. I have been so lonely. Plus collin and I have been having issues connecting. Plus 3 kids is hard! Wonderful but hard! Plus joseph is leaving soon. Plus I miss david and mia. Plus I’m contemplating having another baby. So so so many feeling and emotions and I have not been writing. The spirit pointed out to me that my not having written in a while has hurt me because it is so therapeutic. It is an outlet where I can work things out in my head, getting inspiration, be creative. Be heard as I send t to close family and friends. Then again I felt the spirit tell me to journal/blog when collin and I read an ensign article about it. 

So I redownloaded this app on my phone and I’m going to continue to blog. Pictures. 


Author: Smiths In Real Life

Family of 5 plus our kitty, Dot. Outside explorers, lovers of music and art and silliness. Believers in God and Jesus Christ. We are the Smiths, the mighty mighty Smiths.

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