Joseph graduates

Throughout the years my little babe brother grew to a boy, a teen, and now is a young adult. He is a man. He makes me proud. He makes me feel important. I am excited and hopeful for his future. 
He was born when I was just 14. I was a freshman in high school at Desert Vista. I was shy and unsure of myself. I had recently broken my arm at a skating rink. I had a bully. A girl named Kira who was friends with all my other friends but who wasn’t nice to me. Didn’t like me and would make fun of me. It was hard and I think about her often still. I had very little confidence. Despite this, I did have friends and was happy. 

I don’t remember much about Joseph in the earliest days. My real memories of him formed when he was 2-4 and I was a sophomore-junior in high school. I worked at the kids club at LA FITNESS and would bring joseph to work with me everyday. I didn’t have to feel lonely because he was with me. He would sneak in my room to sleep in my bed and we would stay up late, playing cards. 

I grew up and grew in confidence. Got over some of my fears. I discovered my love of roller coasters after a life time of fear and missing out. I became daring and adventurous. My group of friends changed as my close friends started going to parties, drinking, having sex. None of it bothered me. I never felt tempted. There was never a falling out, just a natural evolution as I was choosing not to do those things. My best friend, Jayna, graduated a year earlier than me. We stayed close as she went off to ASU. My senior year, Sarah Pace and I became inseparable. We loved being odd and obscure, punk pop, alternative, not caring what anyone thought of us (but of course, caring plenty.) We saw cool bands at the Nile, went on road trip adventures in my Montero Sport, Varooka, and had Biology and zero hour English together. Everything in life was fun and funny. We were super active in young womens at church. We planned to go to NAU together and be roommates. She ended up not joining me. We started on different paths. But senior year, she really saved me. She was there for me when I had close to no one. 

And then I graduated and went to NAU. It’s been 15 years since that graduation!!!!!! Joseph has grown up. He is 18 years old and he graduated! He’s a hard-working, confident, kind, young man. He has chosen to go on a mission and will leave in less than a month for the Provo MTC and then New York City. I’m so proud of him. PICTURES!!


Author: Smiths In Real Life

Family of 5 plus our kitty, Dot. Outside explorers, lovers of music and art and silliness. Believers in God and Jesus Christ. We are the Smiths, the mighty mighty Smiths.

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