Married to the wonderfully talented and extremely good-looking, CS, for 7.5 years, now. Here are our engagement  and some wedding photos, by the amazing Leo Patrone.

Mama to one Dot kitty and 3 human kiddies. I’ve birthed in a birth center, a hospital and in my bathtub at my home. I can honestly say that although intense, I think giving birth has been the most amazing, wonderful, empowering, instinctual and deeply spiritual experiences of my life. I am a hypnobirther and highly recommend Marie Mongan’s Hypnobirthing method. I’m also a full-term breast feeder, former tandem nurser, and lactivist.

Here are the birth stories of our first-born, ultra-outgoing, and only son, Frederick, our strong and beautiful daughter, Harriet, and our brave and lovely little caboose, daughter, Ella. All three of my children are smart, kind, sincere, special, adventurers.

Loves: colorful trees, wasatch mountains, picking my son up from preschool, raising my 3 bubs, walking anywhere, or taking public transit, Gilmore Girls, reading and discussing the book of mormon, and watching SVU with Collin. We were once travelers, and will be, again, soon.


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