Go Cub Scout Troop 3213!!!

I'm a new cub scouts den leader for the Wolf den in our ward/troop. In the past month I've learned so much about scouting and 8 year old boys. (Plus 9 and 10 year olds and their families.)
I was super excited when I got the calling , trough I had no clue what I'd be doing!! I've found that I love the program, LOVE the kids and love working with the leaders. It's an amazing calling. I'm very grateful for it. I'll do my best!! I love my uniform and patches. I sewed them on myself! (With advice from Collin, of course!)

A rainy evening with the gals

Collin and Frederick had a date together to go see the broadway musical recording of Newsies AND SO we went on an adventure in the rain. Ella LOVED wearing her raincoat (the same one Fred and hat wore before her at this age💞), feeling the water trickle onto her fingers, and wading through the puddles. It was up to Ella's shins and she would walk several steps, trip and fall in, face down, and then I'd pull her up before she tried to drink it all. SHE LOVED FALLING IN. The only tears she had were when I made her shed her drenched clothes and come inside.
It was a fun evening with Hattie and Ella. We played, read tons of books, made a thriller film and then went to sleep while Hattie told us stories. That girl can tell stories. At night, right before bed, she really gets going. I always wish I had recorded them, but in the moment I can never pull myself away from her creativity and big, grey-blue eyes, to grab my phone or a piece of paper.

Babes in Farm land

And then my baby was big enough to ride a pony. She cried but also loved it. Harriet is an old pro. Fred too. The kids milked a cow. One teat was engorged and I just about died watching the milk leak because I've been there and crap, it's painful. Then we sat across from John Locke on the tractor ride. Good day at the Farm.

Date night at LAGOON

Last night Collin and I dropped the kids (all 3!!!) at a friend's house and headed to Lagoon amusement park for a night of roller coaster riding!!! It was so much fun. The best part was the connection between collin and myself. He was so funny and we just let everything go and laughed and laughed. We talked, and ran from ride to ride, sometimes ignoring our aged bodies in the name of excitement!!
We went with friends, Chris and Davey Bird, and Jesse Hyde. (Jesse's wife, Rachel, was out of town.)
My fav ride was WICKED, which we rode 4 times. Cannibal was the biggest ride in the park. It was quite freaky and thrilling but strange too, even weird. We rode it a couple of times.

Dana Williams and family watched the kids. We picked them up at 12:30am, sleeping soundly. They had the best time.

Chocolate Festival!!

We love our marmalade library in SLC. It's the one we went to when we lived on Capitol Hill. The programs and librarians and facilities are incredible. We still get there once every month or 2 and sometimes more.
Some of the best quality chocolate in the country is made in Salt Lake! Some awesome people come together to educate and give experience to the public on chocolate. Collin and he kids and I have gone to several of their events. (They hold a kids chocolate party once/month as well!)
We attended the BIG chocolate festival the other week. It was AMAZING. So much chocolate to smell, see, learn about and TASTE. The kids loved it too!! Our friends, Lana and Mark Dahle joined us. My favorite bars are the SOLSTICE brand.

Afterward we tried the restaurant, Curry Fried Chicken in SL. It was pretty good but WAY TOO SPICY.