Going in instead of going out exercise. Thank you, The Alison Show!!

I feel so guilty. I want great experiences for my kids. I feel like they were things that I missed growing up—that my parents didn’t push me to do more or be more…

Hat loves gymnastics and does so well at them…but it’s like pulling teeth to get her dressed appropriately and ready for it.

She adores preschool but to get her all dressed and ready for it (in the way I want) can be so difficult.

Then I feel so guilty and anxious when she’s upset or I’m forcing her to do something. And I question everything.

Some possible solutions

Change circumstances:

-give up preschool, give up gymnastics

Or fill her closet with only things that are appropriate to wear that day??

-buy her outfits for gymnastics??

Change expectations:

-don’t expect her to ever do more than brush her hair. LET THAT GO. (Can’t totally. Sometimes her hair looks disgusting if it’s not brushed and I can’t let that happen.)

-don’t care what she wears??

I am weighing the options and I feel on this one I need to change my expectations rather than changing the circumstances and giving up these things.

I need to be more prepared for the day:


Go over the calendar with them and have them pick out what is appropriate for the next day’s activities.

Pack a lunch/food/decide what we will eat for breakfast and lunch so I can just prepare it rather than have to make decisions.



Cheese and charcuterie party!

Party time. This was so simple and fun and amazing. Easy prep. Everyone brought 1-2 cheeses to share and we provided all the extras: breads, mustards, meats, pickles, fruits, nuts, dried fruit, olives, jam, honey. The kids had so much fun together. The lights were beautiful and the company was amazing. Everyone went on about what a great party it was. And some stayed for the after party.

Forest school

I have been OBSESSED with the idea of forest school ever since I heard about it through a friend living in Seattle and then researched it a ton. It exactly what I want for my kids. But alas..it is quite rare. BUT I met a friend a while back and I feel like our friendship is meant to be. She homeschools and she and I friend started a forest school for just their kids twice a week! Well of course I asked to join them and it is AMAZING and everything I could have hoped for! The kids are in the wilderness together, using saws and hatchets and clippers, building a fort hat will be our shelter during the rainy days and snowy cold winter days when we continue to go out. There is a lake for fishing too. Hattie and the other 3.5 year olds explored and found treasures. Fred and the other 6 year old had their own responsibilities. We adults guide them but let them make decisions and follow through with them. There is a short circle time where we sing songs and do a show in tell. When it’s my turn I might tell a short fairy tale. We have 4 families including ours and I think it is going to be an incredible year. I’m loving Fred’s situation for K right now and I supplement the outside time with lots of park and outside at home. We have been doing more art and hands on projects together and I have gotten into reading them grimms fairy tales. I found a great resource on a Waldorf website for while stories are good for which age groups. The kids LOVE them. They represent morals and right usually always wins over wrong. Next year Fred will get all of these things at school!

Smith’s doing stuff

happy 19th my sweetie little brother, Joe!!

We have been doing some fall crafting. Hattie and I while Fred was at school and Fred and I while hat was at school. BYE THE WAY, they are both moving school and are learning a lot!

Karate class started! Fred jumped right in there and learned a ton already. Hattie was very timid at first because it’s all boys. Man I so was there. She is so similar to me. I remember hating my all boys soccer team and i held myself back from trying anything because I was always so scared and unsure. I want to keep encouraging Hattie to try things in hopes that she will find something she loves. She does well at gymnastics. She is a natural athlete. But she gets shy. Plus the karate teacher, who was really awesome in every other way, made the mistake of calling her the karate princess. And telling Fred to “protect the princess.” I told her she is a karate NINJA. She doesn’t need protecting. She is strong and capable. She seemed to like that. And she did get involved in the class by the end. Another issue was that we were running late and that does not set them up for success. I hate being late. It’s never because of me. It’s usually because the kids won’t cooperate. But I need to figure that out and get them there on time maybe I just stick everything we need in the car along with them and we go everywhere way early and get ready in the car?

Hattie’s preschool orientation

Today we went to check out Hattie’s new preschool that will be starting next week. Her teacher is Mrs. Adrienne and Hattie is so beyond thrilled about it. There are 7 other kids in her class and they and their mothers all seem very nice. It’s all very well organized. It will be a lot like joy school but just one home and teacher. I feel like it is so right for Hattie and that she will learn so much about herself and others.