Modern love

I discovered the postcast, Modern Love, some time ago, and during my recent trips to Philadelphia and Phoenix, caught up on all of the episodes. It’s so good!!!!!!!!!! It’s about love in its many forms. It’s so realistic and relatable. Some episodes are funny; some sweet; some heartbreaking; some extraordinary; some quite informative. I’ve reached deeply into myself and contemplated my own experiences with love as well as things I’ve never thought of before. It’s helped me in my marriage because hearing these stories from real people about real relationships causes me to look at some of my problems in a humorous light. I realize I’m not alone and that helps me realize that I don’t need to get so down with some of my own heartaches. It helps me think of Collin and long for our friendship and long to grow old together, through thick and thin. I highly recommend it, and to every one I talk to. My favorite episodes are, “Not So Simple Math,” “A Heart Outrun,” “The Doorman,” and The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give.”

Modern Love Podcast (Here’s a link!)


Rains, PLANES, PHX, conference, home now 

Laying in the dark next to my 4 month old baby, listening to sudden rain outside. Collin is downstairs reading to the kids and Dot won’t stop licking me.

It’s been quite a weekend! Quite a day. Traveling and spontaneity and family. We watched General Conference today and it touched me deeply, as always, but also differently. I feel a dense and deep gratitude. A firm conviction. I feel so many things in my heart and answers have calmed every fear and heartache. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and I know it more honestly than I ever have.

I am so happy to be with Collin. Happy in every sense. He is the one for me.

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Philadelphia, the city I love. And so much love. 

Ella and took a trip to PA to visit family and attend several events at the brand new and BEAUTIFUL Philadelphia temple. What an amazing and. Eautifuk time we had! We missed Frederick, Harriet,  Collin and Dot with our whole hearts!! They had a great fun and good experiences together.

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