Chocolate Festival!!

We love our marmalade library in SLC. It's the one we went to when we lived on Capitol Hill. The programs and librarians and facilities are incredible. We still get there once every month or 2 and sometimes more.
Some of the best quality chocolate in the country is made in Salt Lake! Some awesome people come together to educate and give experience to the public on chocolate. Collin and he kids and I have gone to several of their events. (They hold a kids chocolate party once/month as well!)
We attended the BIG chocolate festival the other week. It was AMAZING. So much chocolate to smell, see, learn about and TASTE. The kids loved it too!! Our friends, Lana and Mark Dahle joined us. My favorite bars are the SOLSTICE brand.

Afterward we tried the restaurant, Curry Fried Chicken in SL. It was pretty good but WAY TOO SPICY.

See ya 2016!! Some thoughts…

Christmas card 2016:

We had many big changes this year while living in Utah. We had a baby! And at home in our bath tub! It was all very easy and fast so the midwife came just moments after Ella was born. The kids and Collin were there and it was an incredible experience for us all. 
Collin moved departments to be a marketing manager with FamilySearch for the LDS church. 

We left beautiful Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City and moved to Sandy, Utah. We are meant to be here and love it very much. 

Our first born started school and with all our activities we keep very busy. 

Frederick- 5, wants to go by “Fred,” Waldorf Pre K, leader, friend, music school, loves to play outside, loves books and soccer. 
Harriet- 3, loves nursery, singer, dancer, pretender, climber, started gymnastics, refuses to wear shoes or a coat even in the freezing weather. 
Ella- 6 months, crawling and into everything, big smiles, LOVES food, thinks her siblings are the funniest people ever; we all adore her. 
Dot the kitty- tries to stay out of Ella’s ear and tail tugging reach, sad that she doesn’t get to play outside while it’s winter, cuddlier than ever. 
We love this time of year and feel so grateful for life, for family and friends, and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We know he lives and loves us and that in good times and bad times we can always turn to him. Happy Holidays!!

And here are the goals we have all set for ourselves:

Nikki: 1. Make a real friend. 2. Exercise; take care of my body; lose 15 pounds. 3. Make our house a home. 4. Prayer on my knees morning and night 

Freddie: 1. say my prayers every morning and night 2. Start kindergarten next fall

Ella: Learn how to walk and grow some teeth 
Hattie: Start primary and be in my own class. 
Collin: More quality family time, A garden
This year we will be studying the Doctrine and Covenants and church history as well as teachings from President Gordon B. Hinckley. This morning as a family we read the introductions for each class. I was moved by all the amazing accomplishments by President Hinckley. I’m excited to study his life because I gained my adult testimony while he was the prophet. I feel i know him so well. 
I have been praying sincerely daily for my children and my family. Today I reflected a lot on Collins and my relationship. I desire to be close emotionally, physically, spiritually. 

I am sickened when I think about the inaguration of Donald Trump but there isn’t anything I can do to change it. I want to have high hopes for 2017. I will do my best to be an example of love and acceptance to my children and to people in our neighborhood and school and community. 

Hard times in 2016: Donald trump elected president and my feelings of hopelessness that people in our country elected such a man. The death of my dad’s business partner of 20 years, Keith Mosier. 

The best parts about 2016: I had a baby girl in my bath tub. Collin and I make it to 8 years of marriage. The Gilmore Girls revival was released and it was so good. Feeling closer than ever to my parents. Feeling unconditional love from them. A wonderful grateful thanksgiving together with my whole family. Freddie starting school and loving it. Moving to our new home. Starting stroller strides and making many good friends so quickly. Collin has been traveling for work and enjoying his job very much. He went to Santo Domingo, Columbia and Brazil to find out more about how members do family history in those parts of the world.  Evolution as a couple, family and person into the next stages of life as Fred starts school while enjoying our sweet daughters’ young childhood still.  Ms Atara!!! She’s the best. 

Happy NEW YEAR! 2017!! (A year in review to come soon!!) 

We had a little party with a few families. The kids loved having some other kids to party with and we did an early count down for them. They lasted till 10ish. Cuties! 

It was the kids first day of their new classes today! CTR 5 for Fred and sunbeams for Hattie!!!! They were so happy as we left them!

“Hot chocolate, YAY!!!!!”

Ella is 6 months old! We are getting the hang of things here and there and settling into this new life with 3 kids. (Then of course there’s teething or a head injury and everyone stops sleeping…)

Ella is crawling and wants to eat EVERYTHING. Sister loves food!! She loves her brother and sister and wants to be right with them, having fun and laughing and causing trouble. She loves to nurse and is growing well. Still no teeth but her teeth seem to always be bothering her so soon, I’m sure!

We have been loving living in Sandy and Freddie’s wonderful school. Life is good. 

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!!

The first snow fall of the season happened the evening of november 16th! Collin and I had been hanging around after the kids went to bed and we eventually looked out and saw it happening. It was SO QUIET and lovely. I love how quiet it gets while it’s snowing. It felt so festive. We went out and took a few pictures and talked to some passing neighbors. (We LOVE our neighbors!! So kind and friendly, unique and interesting!)

Video: Snow falls this November
Collins pic below. So pretty!

The next morning it was so exciting to tell the kids to go look outside. They were so excited, yelling, it snowed!!!!!!!! They got all bundled up and went out and played in it. It took forever but they had the best time. Hattie complained about putting clothes on but i convinced her that it will be fun if she’s warm and dry and horrible if she’s cold and wet and she did it and had a great time. Fred is a pro. Hat and I nursed and watched from inside. They played in the backyard. Dream come true!!! So glad we moved here!

Kids snow playing

My babies are just the cutest ever. I love them!!

Snow day play 2

Happy post!

Ok there has been a lot of doom and gloom lately. I’ve had a few days to breathe and calm down and hey, my heart still sinks when I think of the president elect but he’s going to be the president of the US and I’m going to have to get over it. It’s hard to say that because I don’t condone or support his behavior. BUT I can’t move and I don’t want to live negatively and in despair for the next 4 years. Ug. This is hard. 

I have a ton to be thankful for and I can be the example of love and acceptance of all. 

Ella Claire is 6 months old in a couple of days!!! She has started crawling and mostly scoots all over. She reaches for almost every food and has in the past couple of days tried cucumber, tomato, and sweet potato. She loves it all. She is still teething; we can see and feel two little white points coming up on the bottom. She is HAPPY. She is enthralled by her siblings. She is social just like her brother and sister (and mom and dad). She would much rather see and play with kids than nurse any day. Even when she is starving!! She is chill and patient. 

Hattie Jill!!! She will be 3 next month and I’m trying to baby her as much as possible. We have been planning a blow out party. Hattie is such a sweet big and little sister. We drop Fred off at preschool and she is wants to stay and play in he fun classroom but she gives Fred and hug and kiss and says goodbye. We decided to rearrange her bedroom the other day and it has become a place of calmness, practicing motherhood, creativity, comfort, play and sleep. She has an incredible imagination. She loves her gymnastics class and has been improving so much in her listening and cooperation as well as her strength.  I love my lovely. 

My Fred!!! My Fred Ian. He is growing and growing and I can’t stop it. I love to go into his room at night while he’s asleep and hug him tight, kiss him, tell him I love him and that he is special. (I do this with all my kids.) he’s my first born and he is my helper and mama rock. He loves soccer and piano and school. Many parents and teachers have told us how the other kids look up to him and he is a kind leader. 

My darling Collin. We love each other. We drive each other crazy. But it’s less frequently these days and we do love each other. I am glad we are married. I think he’s a genius and I’m proud of him. 

Waldorf birthday celebration 

Today Collin, Hattie, Ella and I got to join Freddie in his preschool class to celebrate his birthday. At Waldorf schools, they believe the birthday is a deeply special and sacred time. We arrived, and Hattie was thrilled she got to stay today. She made the most of it and while kids were still getting dropped off at school, she played with all the fun play things. Freddie got to wear a special cape, and crown made for him. 

His friends and teachers sat around ina circle with him and he wanted Collin and me to sit next to him. His best friend, crew sat on the other side. Hattie and Ella sat on our laps, Hattie wore a blue cape and held a tin of peach pits in her hands. 

Ms Atara then began a lovely story about a little angel boy who was waiting and waiting to go down to earth. She sang and spake, the children quietly sitting and listening. It wa so calm and happy and beautiful. The story ended with the boy receiving  a bundle of wishes and hopes and dreams and going down to his mother and father…”who named him, Fred.” (Freddie gasped with joy at this part and I shed a few more grateful tears.)

Then Atara lit a candles and Collin and I got to share stories from each year of his life. 

1. He got to fly in airplanes all over the country and meet all of his family: grandma and grandpa, Lulu and Pops, Great Grandma and Great grandpa Smith and Great grandma Nina and his aunts and  uncles and cousins.

2. His sister, Hattie, was born. And he was playing at a splash pad and slipped and broke his leg and had to wear a boot! (He told this story for us!)

3. He found that he loves to fix things. He knew gay no matter what he does he will always be a fixer in his life. 

4. He found a love for nature. He got to go on big hikes and camping trips and lives to learn about volcanoes. He moved to Utah and got another baby sister, Ella. He helped mama so much while giving birth and called himself a double big brother. 

5. (Atara asked what he did for his 5th bday.) He said he ate chocolate cake and went to his grandma’s house!

It was such a special time for our family to be a part of this celebration. We love his school and we LOVE Freddie. 

freddie with his friend, Crew

all his classmates gave him flowers and a book of pictures they had drawn for him.