Halloween is coming……2017


Forest school

I have been OBSESSED with the idea of forest school ever since I heard about it through a friend living in Seattle and then researched it a ton. It exactly what I want for my kids. But alas..it is quite rare. BUT I met a friend a while back and I feel like our friendship is meant to be. She homeschools and she and I friend started a forest school for just their kids twice a week! Well of course I asked to join them and it is AMAZING and everything I could have hoped for! The kids are in the wilderness together, using saws and hatchets and clippers, building a fort hat will be our shelter during the rainy days and snowy cold winter days when we continue to go out. There is a lake for fishing too. Hattie and the other 3.5 year olds explored and found treasures. Fred and the other 6 year old had their own responsibilities. We adults guide them but let them make decisions and follow through with them. There is a short circle time where we sing songs and do a show in tell. When it’s my turn I might tell a short fairy tale. We have 4 families including ours and I think it is going to be an incredible year. I’m loving Fred’s situation for K right now and I supplement the outside time with lots of park and outside at home. We have been doing more art and hands on projects together and I have gotten into reading them grimms fairy tales. I found a great resource on a Waldorf website for while stories are good for which age groups. The kids LOVE them. They represent morals and right usually always wins over wrong. Next year Fred will get all of these things at school!

Smith’s doing stuff

happy 19th my sweetie little brother, Joe!!

We have been doing some fall crafting. Hattie and I while Fred was at school and Fred and I while hat was at school. BYE THE WAY, they are both moving school and are learning a lot!

Karate class started! Fred jumped right in there and learned a ton already. Hattie was very timid at first because it’s all boys. Man I so was there. She is so similar to me. I remember hating my all boys soccer team and i held myself back from trying anything because I was always so scared and unsure. I want to keep encouraging Hattie to try things in hopes that she will find something she loves. She does well at gymnastics. She is a natural athlete. But she gets shy. Plus the karate teacher, who was really awesome in every other way, made the mistake of calling her the karate princess. And telling Fred to “protect the princess.” I told her she is a karate NINJA. She doesn’t need protecting. She is strong and capable. She seemed to like that. And she did get involved in the class by the end. Another issue was that we were running late and that does not set them up for success. I hate being late. It’s never because of me. It’s usually because the kids won’t cooperate. But I need to figure that out and get them there on time maybe I just stick everything we need in the car along with them and we go everywhere way early and get ready in the car?

Last week of summer FUN

For the last week of summer vacation before school starts I was super engaged with the kids every single day. We made a list and accomplished every one of the fun things we wanted to do!!!

1. Children’s museum with friends

2. Meet the teacher (Fred loves his teacher, Mrs Genesi; Hattie thinks she’s going to school here too..😢)

3. Haircut!

4. Shaved ice in the Smiths parking lot

5. Sandy amphitheater splash pad (with Fred’s friend, Aaron, who is in his K class (and also a friend at church)).

6. Yogurt stop

7. Skate park

8. Movie night!! (The King and I and the kids LOOOOOVED IT.)

9. And collin and (Ella and) I snuck in a little date night …Lebanese food and then the new Saudi Arabian exhibit at UMOCA.

Chocolate Festival!!

We love our marmalade library in SLC. It's the one we went to when we lived on Capitol Hill. The programs and librarians and facilities are incredible. We still get there once every month or 2 and sometimes more.
Some of the best quality chocolate in the country is made in Salt Lake! Some awesome people come together to educate and give experience to the public on chocolate. Collin and he kids and I have gone to several of their events. (They hold a kids chocolate party once/month as well!)
We attended the BIG chocolate festival the other week. It was AMAZING. So much chocolate to smell, see, learn about and TASTE. The kids loved it too!! Our friends, Lana and Mark Dahle joined us. My favorite bars are the SOLSTICE brand.

Afterward we tried the restaurant, Curry Fried Chicken in SL. It was pretty good but WAY TOO SPICY.

See ya 2016!! Some thoughts…

Christmas card 2016:

We had many big changes this year while living in Utah. We had a baby! And at home in our bath tub! It was all very easy and fast so the midwife came just moments after Ella was born. The kids and Collin were there and it was an incredible experience for us all. 
Collin moved departments to be a marketing manager with FamilySearch for the LDS church. 

We left beautiful Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City and moved to Sandy, Utah. We are meant to be here and love it very much. 

Our first born started school and with all our activities we keep very busy. 

Frederick- 5, wants to go by “Fred,” Waldorf Pre K, leader, friend, music school, loves to play outside, loves books and soccer. 
Harriet- 3, loves nursery, singer, dancer, pretender, climber, started gymnastics, refuses to wear shoes or a coat even in the freezing weather. 
Ella- 6 months, crawling and into everything, big smiles, LOVES food, thinks her siblings are the funniest people ever; we all adore her. 
Dot the kitty- tries to stay out of Ella’s ear and tail tugging reach, sad that she doesn’t get to play outside while it’s winter, cuddlier than ever. 
We love this time of year and feel so grateful for life, for family and friends, and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We know he lives and loves us and that in good times and bad times we can always turn to him. Happy Holidays!!

And here are the goals we have all set for ourselves:

Nikki: 1. Make a real friend. 2. Exercise; take care of my body; lose 15 pounds. 3. Make our house a home. 4. Prayer on my knees morning and night 

Freddie: 1. say my prayers every morning and night 2. Start kindergarten next fall

Ella: Learn how to walk and grow some teeth 
Hattie: Start primary and be in my own class. 
Collin: More quality family time, A garden
This year we will be studying the Doctrine and Covenants and church history as well as teachings from President Gordon B. Hinckley. This morning as a family we read the introductions for each class. I was moved by all the amazing accomplishments by President Hinckley. I’m excited to study his life because I gained my adult testimony while he was the prophet. I feel i know him so well. 
I have been praying sincerely daily for my children and my family. Today I reflected a lot on Collins and my relationship. I desire to be close emotionally, physically, spiritually. 

I am sickened when I think about the inaguration of Donald Trump but there isn’t anything I can do to change it. I want to have high hopes for 2017. I will do my best to be an example of love and acceptance to my children and to people in our neighborhood and school and community. 

Hard times in 2016: Donald trump elected president and my feelings of hopelessness that people in our country elected such a man. The death of my dad’s business partner of 20 years, Keith Mosier. 

The best parts about 2016: I had a baby girl in my bath tub. Collin and I make it to 8 years of marriage. The Gilmore Girls revival was released and it was so good. Feeling closer than ever to my parents. Feeling unconditional love from them. A wonderful grateful thanksgiving together with my whole family. Freddie starting school and loving it. Moving to our new home. Starting stroller strides and making many good friends so quickly. Collin has been traveling for work and enjoying his job very much. He went to Santo Domingo, Columbia and Brazil to find out more about how members do family history in those parts of the world.  Evolution as a couple, family and person into the next stages of life as Fred starts school while enjoying our sweet daughters’ young childhood still.  Ms Atara!!! She’s the best. 

Happy NEW YEAR! 2017!! (A year in review to come soon!!) 

We had a little party with a few families. The kids loved having some other kids to party with and we did an early count down for them. They lasted till 10ish. Cuties! 

It was the kids first day of their new classes today! CTR 5 for Fred and sunbeams for Hattie!!!! They were so happy as we left them!

“Hot chocolate, YAY!!!!!”

Ella is 6 months old! We are getting the hang of things here and there and settling into this new life with 3 kids. (Then of course there’s teething or a head injury and everyone stops sleeping…)

Ella is crawling and wants to eat EVERYTHING. Sister loves food!! She loves her brother and sister and wants to be right with them, having fun and laughing and causing trouble. She loves to nurse and is growing well. Still no teeth but her teeth seem to always be bothering her so soon, I’m sure!

We have been loving living in Sandy and Freddie’s wonderful school. Life is good.