Chocolate Festival!!

We love our marmalade library in SLC. It's the one we went to when we lived on Capitol Hill. The programs and librarians and facilities are incredible. We still get there once every month or 2 and sometimes more.
Some of the best quality chocolate in the country is made in Salt Lake! Some awesome people come together to educate and give experience to the public on chocolate. Collin and he kids and I have gone to several of their events. (They hold a kids chocolate party once/month as well!)
We attended the BIG chocolate festival the other week. It was AMAZING. So much chocolate to smell, see, learn about and TASTE. The kids loved it too!! Our friends, Lana and Mark Dahle joined us. My favorite bars are the SOLSTICE brand.

Afterward we tried the restaurant, Curry Fried Chicken in SL. It was pretty good but WAY TOO SPICY.